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Oral Health Professionals’ Guide to Nicotine Addiction and Treatment Approaches

Laura M. Romito, DDS, MS, MBA

The purpose of this course is to alert professionals to the harmful effects of tobacco, both to oral and systemic health. 

3 CEU • COST: $48 • Expires December 31, 2022

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Basics for Dental Assistants

Gaylene Baker, RDH, MBA; Janice Lewis, MHA, BSHA, AAHCA, RDA, EFDA

This course provides a review of the basic clinical considerations regarding the appropriate selection and use of infection control protective equipment.

2 CEU • COST: $32 • Expires December 31, 2022

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An Introduction to the Herpes Viruses

Joe Knight, PA; Wilhelmina Leeuw, MS, CDA

This article describes the signs and symptoms of an active herpes infection and discusses how the different herpes viruses are transmitted.


2 CEU • COST: $32 • Expires December 31, 2022

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Understanding Meth Mouth and Oral Interventions

Noel Brandon-Kelsch, RDH

This course will define the short-term and long-term physical and mental signs and symptoms of MA use.


3 CEU • COST: $48 • Expires December 31, 2020


Lynn Douglas Mouden, DDS, MPF, FICD, FACD
October 2014 Course - Expires October 31st, 2017 | SOURCE: American Dental Assistants Association
COST: $0
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